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Strand Cinema Belfast

Strand Cinema Belfast

community support

Leading figures from the creative industries, tourism and the East Belfast community are urging support for the Strand’s proposed redevelopment.

Gavin Robinson MP

“If we lost the Strand it would be a devastating blow for East Belfast. Generations of families have been through its doors, including my own. They deliver an outstanding programme for all ages. A renovated and reinvigorated Stand would be a massive asset for our local area and it can’t come soon enough.”

Actor and director Sam McCready

“It’s a gem in the East Belfast crown, not only as a piece of architecture with those art deco elements to it, but also as a meeting place for people within this community.”

Glenn Patterson, novelist and screenwriter, and Strand ‘Champion’

“It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the Strand for the city of Belfast, and for East Belfast in particular. The Strand has been here for 80 years and it’s always been adaptable. It’s been resilient. It’s managed to change with the times. When you come into the Strand, you can feel a real buzz off the place.”

Noirin McKinney, Director of Arts Development at Arts Council of Northern Ireland

“East Belfast has an incredible legacy of producing artists of exceptional talent right across the spectrum – painters, musicians, performers and writers. Unfortunately it’s never had the facilities to match and incubate that talent, so the redevelopment of the Strand into a state of the art centre has huge potential for the whole area.”

John McGrillen, Chief Executive, Tourism NI

“Our industrial heritage is a very significant element of our past, and what people did and where they went during those times is very important in that regard as well, and the cinema was a central element of the community.”

Lisa Barros D’Sa, co-director of Good Vibrations

“I think it’s really exciting to see what’s emerging here at the Strand. These hands-on workshops for animation, filmmaking and music production are the kind of thing I would have really relished when I was starting out. The creative industries are so much on the rise in Northern Ireland and we really need our young people to be able to take advantage of those opportunities. And it’s this kind of skills development that’s going to give them those chances.”